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DigiCert™ Secure Site Pro SSL is an Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate with 256 Bit Encryption, Malware Scan, Vulnerability Scan , Seal-in-Search and ECC Functionality
DigiCert- Secure Site Pro SSL

Organization Validation - 256 Bit Encryption SSL Certificate.

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DigiCert Secure Site Pro incorporates the best authentication level available today and standard 40-, 56-, 128-, or 256-bit encryption. It offers a minimum of 40-bit and up to 256-bit encryption and is recognized by all major browsers today. It also includes a $1.5 million warranty (highest in the industry) and the Norton™ Secured Seal.
Why do customers trust Digicert Secure Site Pro?
  • SSL and More in a Single Solution: Digicert Secure Site Pro is packed with all the security features you need and more, Organization Validation, Norton Secured Seal, Vulnerability Scan, Malware Scan, allowing your website to be well recognized by Google and trusted by customers. The green address bar, Norton Secured Seal, and Seal-in-Search technology assure your customers that your website is safe from search to browse to buy.The Vulnerability Scan identifies any vulnerabilities in your network and sends a weekly report if any vulnerabilities are found. It will allow you to make informed decisions to secure your environment from hackers and network intruders. The certificate also comes with a daily malware scan that performs an analysis of your web pages, looking for any identifiable malicious code that may exist.
  • Customers Worldwide Know and Trust the Norton Secured Seal: The Norton Secured Seal, the most trusted mark on the Internet, is viewed over a billion times per day on websites in 170 countries. Digicert Seal-in-Search displays the Norton Secured Seal next to your link on browsers enabled with a free plug-in as well as on partner shopping sites and product review pages.

  • It supports two encryption algorithms called RSA, DSA with 256-bit encryption and secures online transactions with at least 40-bit encryption.
  • Organization Validation is displayed on the certificate and backed by the Norton Seal, ensuring their customers' trust. So that the website and so the company can win the trust of the customers instantly.
  • Norton Security Seal, the most recognized symbol of trust worldwide, is the most recognized trust mark for security on the Internet. This seal is viewed over half a billion times every day over the Internet in 170 countries.
  • Daily website malware scanning.
  • 2048-bit SSL with TLS capable encryption.
  • Revoke and or Replace certificates free of cost.
  • Streamlined certificate management with our free management portal.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free express renewal.

Avoid annual certificate purchases to save big. With Multi-year Plan, you pick the SSL/TLS certificate for the duration you want up to (certificate lifetime 6 years) and lock in the discounted pricing.
  • Obtain complete flexibility throughout the certificate lifetime. Change Domain and organization names, and add multiple domains (SAN).
  • Upgrade the SSL/TLS certificate during the certificate lifetime by paying on a pro-rata basis.
  • One of the remarkable benefits of a shortened certificate lifetime is the minimized risk of weak keys and compromised certificates.
  • Unlimited Certificate reissues during the order period.
  • Automation and discovery across multiple servers for larger-scale networks
  • Utilize automated certificate installation throughout the certificate lifetime that is available only on the DigiCert ® CertCentral Portal.

DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate offers the Norton security seal on your website to give instant visual trust to your site visitor. The Norton seal will get over a Billion views over a day. It is the most trusted mark in the world. This Site seal will help you to enhance your customer confidence by displaying on a Web site. Also, it improves sales with fewer abandoned shopping carts.

  • Helps protect sites against hackers and hard to detect malicious software via daily scans of a Website code
  • Scans at the hostname of the SSL certificate, including JavaScript and iFrames
  • Reduces the risk of being blacklisted by Google or other search engines
  • Prevents rogue access to servers and installation of malicious code that could cripple Websites
  • Prevents the spread of viruses
  • Protects sensitive data like credit card and other personal information.
  • Issues eMail alerts and instructions if site is infected with malicious software.

DigiCert needs the following documents to confirm the organizational registration requirements.

  1. Articles of incorporation.
    • Registration number or date of registration / incorporation of the organization
    • Registered address or address of the registered agent of the organization


  1. DigiCert places a call to the specified organization, for certain mandatory details and information.
  2. Authentication of the website is done.
  3. Order is taken and processed.
  4. The SSL certificate is issued and ready for installation.

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