CT log monitoring service

Monitor Certificate Transparency (CT) logs for the domains on your Secure Site Pro certificate orders

Secure Site Pro certificates come with access to a CT log monitoring service. This CT Log monitoring service allows you to monitor the public CT logs for SSL/TLS certificates issued for the domains on your Secure Site Pro certificate orders, in near real time. To learn more about what's included with each Secure Site Pro certificate,
CT Log monitoring is a cloud service so there is nothing to install or manage. After we've issued your Secure Site Pro certificate, and you've turned CT Log monitoring for the order, you can start using the service immediately to monitor the domains on the certificate order.
Certificate Transparency (CT) is an open framework of logs, monitors, and auditors created to help domain owners oversee digital certificates issued for their brands. CT logs help domain owners protect their brand by providing a way to find misissued or rogue certificates issued for their domains more easily.

CT Log monitoring helps you

Below are a few of the benefits to using ECC Certificates.
  • Gain visibility of the SSL/TLS certificates issued for your domains with global monitoring and tracking against the public CT logs.
  • Cut down on time and effort needed to monitor the logs by providing automated checks for DigiCert and non-DigiCert issued certificates.
  • Ensure every certificate issued for your domains is trusted while gaining full oversight of which certificate authority issued each certificate.
  • The CT log monitoring service pulls the discovered SSL/TLS certificates into your CertCentral account, where you can view details about the certificates to quickly identify any misissued certificates for your domains. You can also download copies of the non-DigiCert certificates right from your CertCentral account.

Email notifications

After you've enabled CT Log monitoring for a Secure Site Pro certificate order, you'll receive two types of email notifications: Daily CT log digest and if needed, Urgent notifications. Email notifications are sent to account admins allowing them to check the CT logs for their domains without signing in to their CertCentral account every day.
Certificates that features CT log monitoring service
DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL
DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV SSL
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