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Multi-Year SSL Certificate Plan
What is Multi-Year SSL Certificate Plan?

To help customers utilize the benefits of shorter certificate lifetimes and make certificate management even more manageable, Shop SSL/TLS is offering a multi-year plan coupled with automation tools.

A multi-year plan simplifies the process for customers while purchasing or renewing the certificates and reduces tasks by avoiding annual certificate purchases. This time and cost-effective plan help enhance customer security, reduce the certificate outages with huge discounts, and continue the offers up to six years of certificate validity.

Acmetek Multi Year Plan
Acmetek Multi Year Plan
How does it benefit business owners?
Discounted pricing

Discounts increase for every year purchased. Customers can avail of one-year free validation on choosing a five-year multi-year plan and other benefits throughout the certificate lifetime.

Yearly validation of identity

It ensures yearly validation of identity in shorter validity certificates to prevent potential fraud and spoofing.

Flexibility to Upgrade Certificates

It offers flexibility to change Domain and organization names, upgrade certificates and add multiple domains (SAN).

Minimized risk of compromised certificates

It reduces the risk occurrence with compromised certificates, allowing attackers to spy or hack the encrypted data.

Minimized risk of weak keys

Enabling weak hashing algorithms like SHA-1 helps hackers to generate fraudulent certificates. As the multi-year plan mandates to reissue the certificates regularly, it reduces the risks.

Easier management with Automation

When the Multi-Year Plan has combined with Automation, customers can minimize human error while managing the short certificate lifetime.

How does it work?

When a customer purchases a Multi-year Plan TLS/SSL certificate, they will receive the initial certificate valid for one year and entitlement to unlimited certificate reissues during the six years. Shop SSL/TLS will revalidate customer organizations and domains annually throughout the lifetime of the Multi-year Plan (up to 6 years).

Acmetek Multi Year Plan
How to purchase Multi-year Plan TLS/SSL Certificate?

Shop SSL/TLS from SSL Support Desk offers Multi-Year Plan SSL Certificates at very reasonable prices. This plan allows you to pay a single price amount for up to six years of SSL/TLS certificate coverage.

With the Multi-year Plan, you can purchase the SSL/TLS certificate, the certificate validity period, and the duration of coverage you want (up to six years). Until the plan expires, you can reissue your certificate at no cost each time it reaches the end of its validity period.

Buy SSL Certificate from top leading Certificate Authorities like DigiCert, GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL. Also, you can choose the SSL Security Plan (Basic, Standard, & Enhanced) according to your business need and budget.

SSL Certificates

Yes, we will credit their account for their current certificate against the upgraded product.


Yes, but only during the annual revalidation process. DigiCert is required to validate organization information for a certificate before issuance. With certificates purchased with the Multi-year Plan, customers have to revalidate their domains and organizations at least once a year. Then, they can change the organization for their product. However, SANs can be changed at any time, as many times as the customer wants.

Yes, they can extend SSL/TLS coverage by renewing your Multi-year Plan before it expires.

Annually during the order period

Full refund within 30 days – no refund after 30 days.
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